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About The #1 Tulsa Welding Shop

We have many hard working welders and fabricators ready to prove they are the best welding contractors Tulsa OK has to offer. We have been serving the Tulsa community for years and have received resounding support for our excellent customer service and premier quality. Take a look through our website and find out how we can assist in your next welding and fabrication venture!

"I have had many welding jobs done in the past before I found Welding Tulsa. Pricing was pretty much on par at the other welding shops in Tulsa, but after receiving my estimate from this shop I could not believe how much money I could have been saving all these years. I will be coming back!" - Aaron Stalling


When it comes to providing full fledged fabricating services no other welding companies in Tulsa OK can compare. We can provide any welding process and produce near perfect results. You know longer need to search for “welding services near me,” because we have some of the best metal fabrication Tulsa OK has ever seen, but also many types of mobile welding services to ensure ANY project you have can be accomplished. Check out just a few of the many services we provide!

Mobile Welding

One of the biggest issues we see people have is “there are no mobile welders near me!” But at Welding Tulsa our welding services extend as far as Mannford so we are prepared to have a mobile welder out to any site. Our welding rigs are outfitted with all of the necessary equipment to provide any welding process out on a job site. When you need welding contractors to come to YOU, then Welding Tulsa is the shop for you.

Residential Welding

Many of our customers do not have the means to bring equipment by the shop, or simply have a home project that requires welding and fabrication. So when you are thinking “I need welding near me!” We can happily accept your request and have a professional welder on your doorstep in no time. Anything home repair we have the right equipment for the job. From a bike rack to pipe welding to structural supports we can provide any residential welding service.

Welding Repair

Accidents happen, and they happen a lot when it comes to construction. We have repaired everything from an excavator bucket to a truck wheel. Our welders are prepped to repair any piece of equipment that comes through the door, and if transporting is not an option, we can provide the best mobile welding Tulsa has to offer.

Metal Fabrication

Our shop has decades of experience fabricating using all types of metal. We are known for having the best aluminum welding Tulsa can offer, but we work with all types of metals, even exotic metals such as copper, titanium and aluminum bronze. Aside from custom one-off projects we have done many handrail fabrication and repair jobs. We can provide any type of handrail in any design at any site location. So the next time your boss tells you to find “metal fabrication near me!” You can confidently use our name to provide quality work.

Commercial Welding

We have many welding contractors on staff ready for the on site welding projects. Whether it be an indoor industrial manufacturing facility or an outdoor gas compressor station to everything in between. We have the welding equipment and proficient welders to handle any job. We provide on site services to many companies in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. So the next time you need new construction commercial welding services, give us a call to prove you will not be disappointed.

About Welding Tulsa

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look into the types of welding services Welding Tulsa can provide. If you do not see something listed do not hesitate to call for a free estimate! Many other welding companies in Tulsa only provide 1-3 out of the many services we have available for welding and fabricating projects. We have every type of welder to hand every type of job, some of those include:

-Stick Welder

-MIG Welder

-TIG Welder

-Spot Welder

-Plasma Cutter

-Arc Gouging

Some of the custom metal fabrication Tulsa has to offer may not have a professional welder that is proficient with all types of welding process, but all of our welders are prepared for any job and have had thousands of hours of practice to hone their craft. So if you are questioning “where can I find welding services near me,” then you have arrived at the correct site because we provide ALL welding services.

When you need the best welder Tulsa possesses, you come to Welding Tulsa. We simply provide the most welding services than any other Tulsa metal fabrication shop has to offer and ensure that our welders are always on their A game. Periodic weld tests and requiring an AWS (American Welding Society) certification has cemented our reputation for high standards.

When it comes to custom welding fabrication our welders have seen it all. They are constantly put to the test with the variety of jobs that come through the door every day. If you need arc welding, aluminum welding, pipe welding, mobile welding, or any type of welding they have been tested and proven to step up to any challenge. Many of our welders have come straight from the Tulsa Welding school where they receive a top-notch education. So if you need to find “good welding shops near me” you have come to the right place.

Since our welders are so dedicated to providing such exceptional end product construction, we like to make sure we keep them happy, and they deserve it. With generous pay and generous vacation time administered at the start of their employment, we retain employees like no other metal fabrication Tulsa area shop. Because in the end our main goal is to provide a hassle-free and cost effective process for the customer to ensure nothing but happiness.

Throughout the years we have found that this starts from the top: if management is well paid and good benefits then they are happy. This translates to the welders being happy, and eventually leads to happy customers. So the next time you are looking for “welders near me” look for Welding Tulsa to provide the highest quality product, hassle-free transaction, and exemplary customer service.

Why choose Welding Tulsa?

We have made a reputation for ourselves as providing the best welding services Tulsa has to offer. Between our mobile welding services and shop welding, there is no job we cannot handle. Our company operates only at the highest standard and this shows true in our end product. “Cut corners” is not a phrase we are familiar with in our shop. We have three pillars of success to live by:

  • Adhere to any drawing specifications, period. But we also require standard practices in our shop that are tighter tolerance than other shops may require and that is what sets us apart. If our standard is +/- ⅛” all around but your drawings only require ¼”, we still hold our own shop standards.
  • No job gets rejected. We are confident that all of our welders are proficient in any process that allows us to accept any possible custom welding job that comes our way. Our metal fabricators have seen a lot of ornate designs but that has never deterred us.
  • The customer comes first, always. You do not just need a Tulsa welder, you need a Tulsa professional, and all of our welders are prepared to conduct business with all walks of life. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will won't stop working until you are completely satisfied.
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Working under these pillars of success we believe that has resonated with the Tulsa community and they have given us more than we could ever imagine. We try to give back to them anyway we can because we are so thankful for all of the support our residents have provided through the years. So if you want to find out what the Tulsa Welding experience is like, do not hesitate to give us a call or email with any welding question or to receive a free estimate.

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What to Expect From Our Tulsa Welding Shop

When it comes to metal fabrication Tulsa has not seen quality like this before. Our steel fabricators take pride in their work and it is obvious in the final product.

We maintain our customer base using the three pillars listed in our about section, and many of them are repeat customers because of this. When people ask for “welding companies near me,” the community has been replying with Welding Tulsa.

Customer service has always been a key factor since our inception. Before I worked with Welding Tulsa, I sometimes had a hard time getting through to any welding contractors. They either would not respond or would not want a job as small as I proposed.

That is why we made this part of our pillars of success. We never wanted to deny a customer for any request they had. We are confident that we can handle any project you may need, and the last thing we want is a potential customer leaving our shop disgruntled because we had to refuse service. That would not sit well with us, so we make sure it never happens.

The process to get a welding project completed through us is simple. First, submit an RFQ (Request For Quote) via our easy to use form on our website, or send your drawings or questions through email, or even give us a call to talk about your project and we will do our best to provide a fair estimate.

We will continue to keep you informed throughout the fabrication process and when you come to pick up your product (or sign on the dotted line out in the field) if our job was anything short of your expectations we will work to correct it until it is. So take a look through our website to see some of the services we provide and we look forward to working with you!

About City

Tulsa is a widespread city with many amenities to offer. With a metro population of around 1 million, Tulsa ranks as the United States 50th most populated city. Downtown Tulsa has several attractions that bring thousands of tourists a year. The Tulsa zoo offers many exotic animals including malayan tigers, grizzly bears and the southern ground hornbill. After that, head south about 10 miles to find the Philbrook Museum of Art set in the historic home of Waite and Genevieve Phillips, a 1920’s era villa mansion the museum opened in 1939. What better way to finish off your day than to spend the evening at the 2020 tripadvisor award winning Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Book a room and cross your fingers for luck at the slots! There are many surrounding cities that have amenities to offer as well. Some of those include:

  • Broken Arrow
  • Sand Springs
  • Sapulpa
  • Prattville
  • Collinsville
  • Mannford
  • Sperry
  • Many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

A welder wears many hats in a fabrication shop. They have to grind, cut and weld all types of metal and fabricate several pieces into one object. This requires a lot of precision and attention to detail as it is very easy to undercut a pipe or or blow a hole in your weld. Every type of weld process has different (and many are the same) difficulties that take hundreds of hours of welding to perfect.

Is the Tulsa Welding School good?

They are an excellent school to get started in the welding field. Whether you are taking the Professional welder or AOS in Welding technology program, both provide high quality hands on experience. The Tulsa area is known for its aerospace and aviation industries so having a professional accredited school show you the ropes is irreplaceable. The school specifically operates to prepare you to become a certified welder.

Is welding a good career in 2020?

Absolutely, welding is always a high demand industry. Even though Tulsa Welding School provides an excellent program, you can get into welding and become very successful without any college or training programs. The automotive, aerospace, aviation, and pipelines are always creating new automated machinery and in need of welding repair. It is never too late to become a welder.

How difficult is welding?

Welding is very difficult and takes hours and hours of hands-on practice. Each process has its own difficulties with TIG being the most difficult, but you cannot learn from books or watching videos. The only way to get better is by practicing.

" I have not had a lot of experience in the welding industry so I did not know what to expect when I first called for a quote. I was pleasantly surprised to find how knowledgeable the staff was and how willing they were to answer all of my (stupid) questions. I learned a lot and cannot wait to get my bumper back. "

- Cameron Chambers

" I had the pleasure of working with the best welder Tulsa has. I have not seen welds like these. They were perfect. I hope to do business more than once. They are excellent welders! "

- Viktor Lukashev

Contact Us Today

We try to provide every service possible to ensure you have a successful visit to our shop or via email. Here at Welding Tulsa we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and by providing the highest standards of customer service. If there is a service not listed do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you have and we will make sure we can provide the service you need.

We have been serving the Tulsa community for years and are thankful for all of the support we receive. The community has really helped us become a successful welding shop and we are looking forward to growing even larger. Our Welding Tulsa staff are constantly filling the books with various welding projects so if you need a project done soon do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by the shop!

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